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Ratings System

With regards to my ratings, I rate my films based primarily on a comparative score. That means when I look at a film, I will rate it based on how well it compares to other similar films in it’s genre, as well as it’s technical and artistic merits.

5 Stars – “A Masterpiece ” – A classic film that will be remembered for years to come. Everything about the film, from the writing, directing, acting and production is top notch. Something that does need to be experienced on the big screen and also demands repeated viewings into the future.

4 Stars – “Great” – A well made and competent film, definitely worth the trip to the cinema for.

3 Stars – “Above average” – A watchable film which is more suited to being watched at home rather than spending the money on it at the cinema, but is not a bad watch for the average viewer though.

2 Stars – “Below Average” – Not really recommended. One or more elements of the film is a let down by bad plot holes, bad acting, being ridiculously formulaic or for poor execution. Not recommended for people who like their films on the intelligent side.

1 Star – “Awful” – Not worth your time. Spend 2 hours doing something more exciting, like watching paint dry.


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