Only The Brave Trailer

Joseph Kosinski has quite a brief, if solid resume of films over the last seven years. From the Tron: Legacy follow up, to the enjoyable Tom Cruise vehicle Oblivion, Kosinski’s films have a unique visual style. With his new film Only The Brave, Kosinski seems to be going for the MTV style approach to this “based on a true story” biopic of a crew of firefighters during wildfires of 2013. Personally I’m hoping this is  more serious film fare than what the trailer shown.


Murder On The Orient Express Trailer

20th Century Fox are thankfully one of the few major studios still wanting to make mid budget films that cater to an audience that don’t want to see yet another superhero film for the umpteenth time. The release and success of Hidden Figures proves that mid budget films can find an audience and more importantly make a profit. Later this year comes the remake of the classic Agatha Christie story Murder On The Orient Express.

While it’s a story that is well known to the audience this is aimed at, Kenneth Branagh’s take on the classic story looks like one of the better adaptations to come out of Hollywood and one of the more spectacular moustaches seen on film in a long time. I remain cautiously optimistic.

Dunkirk Trailer

I’ve been VERY quiet on this blog about Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk which is due for release in a couple of months, this is not because I’m not interested interested in the film, far from it. Dunkirk is my most awaited film for 2017, I havve huge respect for the work of Christopher Nolan thanks to his use of classic filming techniques and Dunkirk will be no exception.

I was however left quite cold by the previous two trailers and now with this third and final full trailer, I’m still somewhat underwhealmed, although this final trailer is much better than the last. Here’s hoping that Nolan hits this one out of the park come release time because Dunkirk looks magnificent.

Star Wars Episode VIII Teaser

These days, when it comes to releasing trailers, the prevailing idiotic practice seems centred on creating short teasers for actual trailers in the days leading up to an actual trailer release and this stupid practice seems to be running rampant these days in order to create hype for an upcoming film.

Thankfully, Disney/Lucasfilm have eschewed this practice and have simply produced an excellent teaser which poses more questions than answers, as any well made teaser should do. The eighth episode in the Star Wars saga can’t come soon enough.

Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer

When it comes to cinematography, Michael Bay has created some of the most striking and epic images with his unique visual style of which I am quite a fan. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of his storytelling. With each subsequent Transformers film, critics have commented that his films couldn’t get any more incoherent. Based on the footage from this final trailer, it makes me think that Michael’s reply to everyone  is “Hold My Beer!”

Thor Ragnarok Teaser

Another year, another superhero film. Thor Ragnarok is the seventeenth film of the MCU, and personally,  I’ve been getting a little tired of superhero films, but Thor Ragnarok may renew my interest. It actually looks damn fun, plus there’s the bonus of having Cate Blanchett, Idris Elba, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jeff Goldblum too. It’s also good to see that Marvel has let Taika Waititi leave a lot of his odd humour in here too. If you haven’t seen Hunt For The Wilderpeople, you’re missing out.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer

The original Pirates Of The Caribbean film was a damn enjoyable ride, but then there were vastly diminishing returns for the rest of the trilogy. The standalone fourth film was again more of the same with some minor improvements, but on the whole forgettable.

Fast forward five years and we now have the trailer for the next film in the franchise and I have to say, it certainly looks a lot darker in tone to the previous films. Of course, this is an initial teaser and we are talking about Disney here, so one has to presume they will play it safe in the long run. I do however remain interested in this more than the previous film.