Star Wars Episode VIII Teaser

These days, when it comes to releasing trailers, the prevailing idiotic practice seems centred on creating short teasers for actual trailers in the days leading up to an actual trailer release and this stupid practice seems to be running rampant these days in order to create hype for an upcoming film.

Thankfully, Disney/Lucasfilm have eschewed this practice and have simply produced an excellent teaser which poses more questions than answers, as any well made teaser should do. The eighth episode in the Star Wars saga can’t come soon enough.


Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer

The original Pirates Of The Caribbean film was a damn enjoyable ride, but then there were vastly diminishing returns for the rest of the trilogy. The standalone fourth film was again more of the same with some minor improvements, but on the whole forgettable.

Fast forward five years and we now have the trailer for the next film in the franchise and I have to say, it certainly looks a lot darker in tone to the previous films. Of course, this is an initial teaser and we are talking about Disney here, so one has to presume they will play it safe in the long run. I do however remain interested in this more than the previous film.