I’m beginning to think that I’m a masochist. Earlier this year I watched Batman Vs. Superman and was both disappointed and frustrated about how dour and depressing the DC universe had become. Paired with a story line that was almost nonsensical, Batman Vs. Superman was one of my least liked superhero films ever.

Fast forward several months and my less than positive feelings towards Batman Vs. Superman were vastly overshadowed as I watched the utter narrative mess that was Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad was without a doubt, not only one of the worst films I have seen this decade, but the worst Superhero film since this current fascination with superhero films began.

Over the weekend I thought I would give the recently released “extended cut” of Suicide Squad a go due to the improvements made with the “extended cut” of Batman Vs. Superman which went some way to raise my opinion of Zack Snyder’s bloated addition to the DC universe.

Sadly the modest improvements found in the “extended cut” of Superman Vs. Batman have not had the same positive effect with Suicide Squad. The added running time  of the “extended cut” has only added to the excruciating factor of the film. It is still an absolute narrative mess, the characterisations are woeful – especially the Joker – and the film still plods from rubbish action set piece to another rubbish set piece with no real story line in between.

Whoever cut the original and now extended cuts of these films together needs to go back to film school. That said, a film editor can only work with what they have been given and no film, no matter how talented the director, can overcome a limp, wet noodle of a script. Unsurprisingly to me, both the direction and writing in this travesty are the work of David Ayer, a man whose previous films I have also not rated very highly at all.

The “extended cut” of Suicide Squad is for masochists. If you like to inflict pain on yourselves, by all means give it a watch. But for the more discerning film watcher who isn’t a superhero nut job, the “extended cut” doesn’t improve on the utter rubbish that was the theatrical cut, in fact it only inflicts more pain on the viewer.